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Jenny Christ
  • Fresno/Los Angeles CA, US
  • 26 Female, Virgo
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  • Member Since: 2009-03-18
  • Relationship Status: TO FAST FOR LOVE.
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Drink: Yes
  • Children: Someday
  • Occupation: Alt/Pin Up Model

About Me:

I'm A Short, Loud, Black-Haired Basket Case.
Rockin' Red Lips and Curvy Hips.
My Mouth Frames The Phrases That Will Gain Disapproval And Offend Most.
My Friends & Family Mean The World To Me.
I Wish I Had A Southern Accent.
I've Been Modeling For Six Years.
I Love The "F" Word.
Music Is The Key To My Heart.
I'm The Real Deal So Spare Me The Drama.
I Hug Every One, Which Can Be Creepy Or Cute. You Decide.
I Love Life On The Road.
I Love Coke, The Soda Silly.
I Cuddle Like A Kitten.
I Sing In The Shower & Car.
I'm The Biggest Dork You'll Ever Meet, Thats A Promise.
I Got Jokes And Brains.
Dance Moves Like A Pro.
And I Could Most Likely Party You Under The Table.
I'm A Real Sweet Heart Stick Around You'll See.


Modeling, partying, body modification, traveling, shows, and music.

Favorite Music: